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Board Members

This screen shows the members of the committee. Click on the member's name or photo to view their bio information (if enabled).
POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. In addition to the powers granted by other provisions o f these By-laws, the Board o f Directors shall have the following powers and duties: A. To acquire, hold, administer, maintain, and dispose of all tangible and intangible property ofthe DSC; B. To adopt a budget, set the Members* dues amounts, and to appropriatethe fundsof the DSC for the purposes set forth in these By-laws; C. To contract for services and supervise them for the DSC; D. To conduct, manage, and supervise all the business of the DSC including, but not limited to all financial matters, the conduct o f ski trips and recreational activities, and the making o f all contracts in connection therewith;
The members of this committee are not visible to non-members or those without permission.