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Mammoth Update

Gene Mares  | Published on 9/18/2021
To update you, Oct 7th will be the kickoff meeting and opening for sales. There will be a short business meeting and then Club Express (CE) will be open for sales. You must be a member to sign up for a trip.

Due to inconsistencies in the pricing model the standard package selling price was raised to $1,450pp. Additionally, CE will not accept negative prices. If you bought your IKON Pass credit will have to be manually entered into CE. I will need Winter Ski & Sport (WSAS) confirmation your payment for the pass has cleared; and, you have selected to apply your rebate towards the “Mammoth is the Word” trip. So, if you desire to pay in full, deduct the rebate received from the payment or do not pay your final installment until you see the rebate has been deducted from your balance due.

There is a Base Price of $185 automatically included in the package. This is for group events, fees, and administrative expenses incurred. To this you will add airfare, lodging, lift ticket, etc.